Statute of Informatics Centre of the University of Economics, Prague



  1. The Informatics Centre of the University of Economics, Prague (hereinafter referred to as “CI”) is another workplace for educational and creative activities or for the provision of information services or technology transfer of the University of Economics, Prague (hereinafter referred to as “VŠE”) pursuant to Section 22, Subsection 1 c) of Act no. 111/1998 Coll., On Universities and on Amendments to Other Acts, as amended (Higher Education Act).
  2. CI is another unit of VŠE within the meaning of Article 16 of the Statute of VŠE. CI is not a legal person. The scope of the CI is determined by this Statute.
  3. The full name of the other unit is:

Informatics Centre

  1. The address of the other unit is Winston Churchill Square 1938/4, 130 67 Prague 3.
  2. In the ordinary course of business, it uses IČ (Commercial ID no): 61384399, Tax ID no: CZ61384399.
  3. CI uses a line stamp with text and in modification:

Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Centrum informatiky
Nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3
IČO: 61384399



  1. CI, as another workplace for educational and creative activities or for the provision of information services or technology transfer, secures the following IT services:

Infrastructure Services:

  • unified concept and connectivity of local computer networks built in individual locations and distributed workplaces, connection of local networks to global networks;
  • administration, operation, repair and upgrade of computer network, network equipment, telephone network and exchanges, mobile and wireless communication equipment,

Application and System Support:

  • Electronic mail services
  • system and database security of running information systems of VŠE;
  • administration and operation of physical and virtual servers and server complexes, monitoring systems, data storage and backup systems;

Support for End Stations and Users:

  • administration and operation of computer classrooms and study/reading rooms;
  • providing consultations to users to a limited extent and supporting users in the use of computer and communication technology assets in the ownership of the University of Economics, Prague;
  • end station concept, including installation in offices, classrooms and study rooms;
  • repairs and decommissioning of purchased equipment;
  • ID card administration;

Process of HW, SW and Services Acquisition:

  • purchase of computer and communication equipment, network equipment;
  • purchase of software and related services;
  • ensuring the licensing policy;
  • provision of cloud computing;

Security and Protection of Data:

  • ensuring compliance with data security and data protection legislation
  • management of security of information systems and computer network of VŠE
  • administrating and securely authenticating users, managing access of users (students and employees) to available information needed to perform their functions, activities and study, in particular through secure connections to local and global information networks;
  • security and data protection audit;
  1. CI also carries out ancillary activities consisting mainly in providing services in the field of information and communication technologies and cybernetics. This activity is based on a more efficient use of CI capacities and assets under its management.
  2. CI also
  • monitors new trends in information technologies and suggests management of VŠE to take measures to keep the school at the necessary level in the field of informatics;
  • proposes and methodically cooperates with other units of VŠE on the conception of the development of information systems and information and communication technologies at VŠE, participates in the creation and implementation of a long-term plan in the field of informatics, cooperates on creation of guidelines;
  • coordinates the implementation of information systems provided by external suppliers, especially in terms of integration into the existing information system of the school and operated network, system and database environment
  • It processes its own grant proposals according to specific conditions of focus.


  1. The head of the CI is a director appointed by the Rector based on the selection procedure. The director may be recalled by the Rector.
  2. The Director of CI is acting for VŠE in matters defined in this Statute and relating to the activities of the CI against third parties, to the extent of the rights and obligations set out in the internal rules of VŠE.
  3. The Director shall manage, organize and supervise the work and other activities of the CI either directly or indirectly through the heads of departments and heads of sections.
  4. The Director shall be entitled to issue instructions to ensure the operation of the CI in accordance with Article 2 of this CI statute.
  5. The Director may create their consultative bodies and appoint their members. At the same time, the Director shall define the content of their activities, their composition and rules of conduct.
  6. Every year, the Director prepares a report on the activities of CI, which is submitted to the Academic Senate of VŠE for approval.
  7. The Director of CI is responsible to the Rector for compliance with legal regulations, economical use of funds and proper management of assets.


Organizational Structure

  1. CI is organizationally divided into the following departments and sections:
    1. Network and Network Services Administration Department,
    2. Operational and Technical Department,
    3. Administration Section,
    4. Network Infrastructure Section,
    5. Local Network Administration Section,
    6. System Support Section,
    7. Computer Classroom and Study Rooms Management Section,
    8. Help Desk Section,
    9. Computer Technology Operation Section (Jižní Město Campus),
    10. Security and Data Protection Section.
  2. Details of the Organizational Structure including the scope, extent and content of activities of individual departments and sections shall be determined by the CI Director.


Heads of Departments, Sections and Employees

  1. Each department is led by a head of department, who is responsible to the CI for managing the respective department. The Head of the Department manages, organizes and supervises the activities and work of employees within the scope of their competence and according to the CI Director’s instructions.
  1. The Head of Department shall represent the CI Director to the extent specified by the CI Director.
  2. Each section is led by a head of section, which is responsible to the relevant Head of Department and to the CI Director for managing the respective section. The Head of the Section manages, organizes and supervises the activities and work of employees within the scope of their competence and according to the instructions of the Head of Department and the CI Director.
  3. The Head of Section represents the CI Director to the extent specified by the CI Director.
  4. The Rector acts on behalf of VŠE in relation to the heads of departments, to the heads of sections and other employees.


Basic Rules of Management and Supervision

  1. CI administers in accordance with the budget approved by the Academic Senate of VŠE, which is part of the budget allocation of VŠE. The economic results of CI are discussed by the Academic Senate of VŠE together with the economic results of VŠE.
  1. The management of CI is governed by the valid legislation, internal regulations of VŠE, in particular the Statute of VŠE, and all other applicable legal standards.
  2. Heads of departments and heads of section are responsible for the results of their respective parts.
  3. CI employees perform their activities within the scope of their responsibilities defined by their job description and in accordance with the general legislation, internal regulations of VŠE and other legal standards.


Final Provisions

  1. This CI Statute was approved by the Academic Senate of VŠE on October 22, 2018.
  2. This CI Statute becomes valid on the day of its approval by the Academic Senate of VŠE.
  3. This Statute of CI replaces the Statute of the Computer Centre of the University of Economics, Prague, approved by the Academic Senate of VŠE on December 11, 2017, which came into effect on January 1, 2018.
  4. This CI Statute comes into effect on November 1, 2018.

Ing. Marek Stříteský, Ph.D., m.p.                                                               prof. Ing. Hana Machková, CSc., m.p.

Chairman of the Academic Senate of VŠE                                                                             Rector of VŠE