Room reservation (PR 1/2012)

Valid regulation


This order, which has a university-wide scope, sets out the rules and procedure for booking rooms in the buildings of the Prague University of Economics and Business

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Name: RNDr. Karel Nenadál Leader: doc. Ing. Hana Mikovcova, Ph.D. Ph.D. prof. Ing. Dr. Richard Hindls, CSc., Dr. h. c.
Department / function: Computer Center Vice-Rector for Study and Educational Activities Rector
Date: 02/02/2012 02/02/2012 03/02/2012
Signed by: RNDr. Karel Nenadal Ing. Hana Mikovcova, Ph.D. prof. Ing. Dr. Richard Hindls, CSc., Dr. h. c.
Valid from: 3.2.2012 Valid to: recall
Effective from: 20.2.2012 Effective from: appeal

1. Purpose and scope

  1. The purpose of this regulation is to determine the rules and procedure for reservations of rooms at the Prague University of Economics and Business (hereinafter referred to as “VŠE”).
  2. The regulation applies to all employees and teachers of VŠE.

2. Basic Concepts

  1. Room – rooms are classrooms, study rooms, lecture halls and other premises that their owner has placed in the reservation mode. The rooms are separately registered in the codebook of rooms in the integrated study information system (hereinafter referred to as “ISIS”). The parameters determining the reservation mode are listed in ISIS and set by the Pedagogical Department (hereinafter referred to as “PEDO”).
  2. Room owner – is a unit to which the room was located. The owner of Vencovsky aula and other premises is the school management, the owner of computer classrooms and study rooms and selected language classrooms, which were not explicitly deployed, the Computer Center, the owner of other classrooms and auditoriums, which were not explicitly deployed, is PEDO.
  3. Room Administrator – for the purposes of this Regulation, a person who manages room reservation requests. A room can have multiple managers, just as one manager can manage multiple rooms. The room manager is defined by the owner and set in PEDO in ISIS.
  4. Reservation Request – Any employee and teacher of the University of Economics (hereinafter referred to as the “Applicant”) can create a room reservation request via ISIS. The room manager can then approve, reject, or delete this request. The manager manages booking requests as directed by the owner.
  5. Reservation management – includes the possibility to reject, approve or delete an applicant’s request for a room reservation. It is administered by the room administrators, each within their competence.
  6. Booked room – is a room whose reservation request has been approved by the administrator (for a room whose reservation is subject to the administrator’s approval scheme) or automatically (for a room reserved in other modes).

3. Rights in the room reservation systemí

  1. Each applicant shall have the right to make room reservation requests in ISIS. Dates for which a room can be booked are limited by a milestone date. The milestone is set by the university integrator and is usually the end of the semester.
  2. Each room manager has the right to create and manage reservations for these rooms.
  3. The selected room managers shall not be limited by the milestone referred to in paragraph 1 of this point. The granting of this right is approved by the school management and is set by the university integrator.

4. Rights in the room reservation system

  1. Reservation requests shall be created and managed solely through ISIS.
  2. Reservation requests can be made for all rooms that have the attribute set for making reservations.
  3. Reservation requirements are limited by schedule events that take place in the rooms and are always set by PEDO staff before the start of the current semester.
  4. A room and the time for which a reservation request has already been made cannot be submitted until the room administrator has settled it.
  5. When making reservation requests it is necessary to pay attention to economy of requested reservation, especially:
    1. require classroom reservations only in connection with the fulfillment of work duties towards VŠE.
    2. avoid requirements that exceed the actual need, both in terms of room size, the number of rooms required and the length of the reservation requested.
    3. unless special circumstances prevent it, to request a reservation for the whole lesson, otherwise i tis necessary to indicate the reason and the actual start of the requested reservation in the “Note” section.
    4. to indicate the reason for the reservation in the “Reason for reservation” section.
    5. not to require a specially equipped classroom (e.g. computer or language) for reservation if the purpose of the reservation can be fulfilled by the classroom without this special equipment.
    6. to cancel the request or reservation without undue delay if the reason for the reservation ceases to exist. If the reservation is not used from the beginning, the applicant is obliged to state this fact together with the start time of the reservation in the “Note” section.
  6. Applicants are obliged to make reservation requests within a reasonable time with respect to the required date, no later than 10:00 am on the Wednesday of the previous week.
  7. Reservation requests are handled by the room manager without undue delay.
  8. A room administrator may refuse a reservation if a request is made in violation of this Regulation, in particular the provisions of paragraph 5.
  9. If the reserved room is not used within 15 minutes from the beginning of the requested reservation, the room administrator is entitled to cancel the reservation.
  10. Commercial reservation is approved by the room administrator after consultation with the Quaestor’s office or other specialized departments in connection with the required services within the reservation.
  11. The room administrator shall send electronically the list of approved reservations for the following week, no later than 12:00 on the previous Wednesday, to these entities:
    • Head of the audiovisual department
    • Public Relations Department
    • Department of ÚOO and BPZP, PO
    • Head of the Property Management Department.

This report will also be available in hard copy at the admistrators of rooms.

  1. In exceptional cases, the administrator may decide to approve a reservation request for which the conditions of paragraph 6 of this point have not been met. In such a case, the applicant shall be obliged to inform the entities pursuant to paragraph 11 of this point without undue delay at his own expenses.

5. Final Provisions

  1. On the entry into force of this regulation, the decision of the VŠE management dated 3.1.2008 on reservations of selected lecture halls in Lotus Notes is canceled.
  2. The Secretary of the Faculty of Management for the Faculty of Management shall modify this regulation as required.

Responsible person: RNDr. Karel Nenadál Last updated: 3. 9. 2018