Office 365 A1 Plus retirement

Microsoft is phasing out A1 Plus licenses globally as of August 1, see Office 365 A1 Plus retirement. The following user groups are now assigned an Office 365 A1 Plus license:

  • users without employment or studies at the VŠE (e.g. with the role of external teacher)
  • workers in blue-collar occupations
  • contract or small-time workers
  • graduates after graduation or between two studies

These users will be assigned an Office 365 A1 license by the end of June, which means two restrictions compared to the current situation:

  • A1 lacks the ability to install Microsoft 365 Apps on Windows or macOS, i.e. they cannot use school licenses of desktop applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook on their personal computers
  • limit OneDrive’s max capacity to 100GB

Comparison of academic plans.

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