Student use benefit

Students can download one free license of Windows 10/11 Education edition – this is part of the new VŠE agreement with Microsoft and the Windows 10/11 Education student use benefit. The licence can be downloaded from Microsoft partner

When you add a license to your shopping cart, you will be required to log in with your VŠE name and password (the same as when you log in to Office 365).

After agreeing to the license terms and confirming the purchase (name, surname and e-mail address must be filled in), the Product Key will be displayed. Keep the key in a safe place, it is displayed in the e-shop only for 30 days after purchase. You can then view the installation instructions – Get Started button.

Support from the VŠE

The VŠE does not provide support or advice on problems with installation and operation of the acquired software, we do not solve problems with payment for paid software (the also allows you to purchase software).

You enter the login data (name, password) on the school’s website (

Questions and answers

Who can get a free Windows 10/11 Education licence? Only students are eligible for the license.
How long is the license valid for? You must be the primary user of the computer on which Windows 10/11 Education is installed. You can use it after you graduate without having to take any action.
How many computers can I install it on? It is a license for one computer.
How does the Education edition differ? See Wikipedia for a detailed comparison of different editions of Windows 10.
How does the N edition differ? The letter N indicates editions without some media applications.. You can install the programs later or use suitable alternatives.
What data does the university transmit to Kivuto knows nothing about you until you apply yourself. Once logged in, the company will receive your username and information about whether you are a student, teacher or employee at the VŠE. We do not pass on any other information, which is why you must fill in your first name, last name and email address when you order.

More Microsoft licences for students, teachers and staff

Each student and employee can install Office on up to 5 different devices. These licenses can be used until the end of your studies or employment at VŠE.
The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program allows students and teachers to free licenses for development tools and other software, as well as credit for services.

More offers at

Kivuto, the operator of, focuses on online software distribution for students and academics. On the site you will find various software with academic discounts, in some cases it is free.