FAQ – Access

I lost/forgot my password; how do I get a new one?

Contact the Help Desk (helpdesk[at]vse.cz, or by phone +420 224 095 890). You can reset your eduroam and VPN passwords by yourself at https://eduroam.vse.cz/heslo/.

What network connection options do VŠE guests have?

Since 2016, employees of the University of Economics can create temporary accounts for the WiFi network conference. These accounts can be used by visiting lecturers, visits, etc. Such an account can be created by every VŠE employee with a limit of one active account at a time. A new account can only be created after the previous one expires. Each account is valid until midnight on the creation day (an account generated at 6 pm will be invalidated at midnight on the same day). Accounts can be generated in the Netreg application. In the menu you will find the option “WiFi Account for Guest”, where you just need to press the button. The login will appear below the form, which then the guest can use. The same information will be sent to your email. See more https://internet.vse.cz/ostatni-wifi-site/guest-vse-cz/. Guests who have access to the eduroam wireless network within their parent institution can also use this access at VŠE.