FAQ – Hardware

My flash drive/external drive stopped working; how do I retrieve my data?
Depending on the type of damage, the chances of recovery are generally good for software malfunctions. If your device has issues with internal electronics, it is handed over to a specialized external company for diagnostics. However, data recovery at external companies is very costly. In any case, contact the Help Desk and stop using the device immediately.

The printer paper often jams; how can I fix the problem?
Frequent paper jams are primarily caused by wear on the pickup rollers in the internal printer drive. For most devices, the pickup rollers can be replaced – contact the Help Desk.

I accidentally spilled liquid into my device; what should I do?
Turn off the device, unplug the power and disconnect peripherals, and remove the battery if possible. Avoid aggressive drying by a hair dryer, etc. Rather deliver the device to the Help Desk for diagnostics.

Where to go if I need to repair computer technology?
See Repair and Service

I have run out of toner in the printer; how do I get a new one?
See I have run out of toner in the printer.

How do I order new computer technology and software?
Equipment and software are ordered via the e-žádanka system.