Educational Projects

Network Drives and Folders

  • Instead of network drives “G” and “I”, there will be only one drive “G”
  • The existing drive “G” (lecturer’s) will be extended with the folder “PROJECTS”
  • In it, each lecturer/student will have folders of their course subjects with three prepared sub-folders.
  • Drives will be accessible by subjects, not by seminars as before
  • Rights are based on group settings in ISIS

Accessing Network Drives

  • The lecturer’s /project drive on the common drive of letter “G” will still be mounted
  • Projects must be ordered through the Help Desk
  • Every user will have the PROJECTS (PROJEKTY) folder on the “G” drive. Only those who order the functionality of Educational Projects can find sub-folders with their courses here


  • Equivalent to the former drive “I”
  • It is used to publish teaching materials
  • The lecturer can create folders with files here, or save files directly to the folder MATERIALS
  • To publish information for seminars only, you need to create your own sub-folder, e.g. CT_1430_1600
  • Students cannot create folders or save files here, just read them


  • Equivalent to the original drive “G”
  • Available to all lecturers and students of the course without any restrictions
  • Students and lecturers can freely create or delete folders, save, delete or edit files here


  • The folder is primarily used for storing data
  • It does not provide an optimal set of rights for use for submission of works; it is better to use the Dropin (Odevzdávarna) in ISIS instead
  • Every student has the right to create a folder here
  • Only the creator has the right to see the folder and the files in it
  • In addition, lecturers can also see students’ folders, delete them but not modify them or add their own files

ULOZTO Rights in Detail

Student 1
  • They can save files to its own folder only, not directly to ULOZTO
  • Documents can be edited, deleted by the author
  • They do not see foreign folders
Student 2
  • They cannot see another student’s folder, i.e. they cannot view or edit or delete the data


  • They see the folders of all students, including the files in them
  • They have the right to read (including copying) and/or delete students’ files

Quotas, Deletion and Backing-up of Data

  • Capacity quotas for individual projects are not set.
  • Project disk data will be backed up for six months.
  • Data from project disks will be deleted automatically, always at the end of each semester on February 10 and August 8. After deleting the WORK and ULOZTO folders, you will not be able to recover data from the backup.
  • The MATERIALS folder at the end of the semester will be kept in its current form for the next semester, i.e. deletion at the end of the semester does not apply to this folder.