Obtaining login information

Or how to get username and initial password for school account.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students – New Accounts.

It applies to students who have never had an account at VŠE in the past.
On the day of enrollment or the following day you will be generated with login information – username and initial password. You can find them by logging in to the web application  Electronic Application for Study at VŠE. Procedure:

  1. Open the Integrated Study Information System in your browser, https://insis.vse.cz .
  2. Open the web application of Electronic Application for VŠE and select Access the E-application System as an E-application User on the next page.
  3. Enter username (study application number) and password for study applications. If you have forgotten the password to access the study application, it is possible to generate it again based on your personal identification number and email by clicking on the link to generate a new password.
  4. At the top of the page, you will see your username (username) and your school account initial password.
  5. In the browser, enter https://insis.vse.cz/  again and log in with the details using the Login to InSIS Personal Administration option.
  6. After logging in, change the password – almost at the bottom of the page you will find the web application Password Change in the group Information System Settings.  Now set a new password to remember*.

*) When logging in to the computer classrooms, you must memorize you the password to enter, or check out the password manager on your mobile.

Undergraduate or Postgraduate Students – Account Recovery.

It concerns students who had an account at VŠE before. That is they have studied in the past, attended entrance examinations or set up an account in the library.

If the period of 180 days has not expired since the end of the previous activity (studies, entrance exams), no new login information is generated, but the original one still applies. If you forgot your password, go to the User Support and have your password changed.

If the 180-day period has expired, you have retained your original username and generated with a new password. This password is not recorded anywhere – go to the User Support and have it changed.


For employees, the account is created based on data from the personnel system. An account will be created on the first business day if you have already signed an employment contract or agreement.

If the user did not have an account at VŠE, a new user name and new password will be generated.

You can find both of them with your SIF or at the User Support Centre.

If you already had an account, the original username will be reused. If 180 days have not passed since the end of the previous activity at VŠE, the password will not be changed. If a longer time has elapsed, you have a new password generated, which you will find out with your SIF, or ask to have a new one set at the User Support Centre.

Other Users

Other users usually have an administrator who creates an account for them and forwards the initial password to them. You can also contact the the User Support Centre to ascertain your account and change your password (NOTE:  the account must already be created, they are not authorized to create accounts).

The following table lists some of these user groups:



User Group Administrator
Foreign Students on Longer Programs Each program usually has its own administrator, who attends the students. See: https://admissions.vse.cz/
Lifelong learning programs (ISBM, IOM, DPS,…) Each program has its own administrator, whom you can find on the website of the respective program
Students of the University of the Third Age room NB 10, contact
Users with an external role assigned to a department/faculty SIF of the relevant faculty
External Readers CIKS
External Coordinators of Stays OZS

Applicants for Study

The applicant submits a study application using the web form Electronic Application for Study at VŠE in the InSIS study system. Login information for the web application of Electronic Application for Study at VŠE is generated and displayed on the page after selecting the faculty and study program/course, and after completing the basic personal data. You should record these data somewhere as they will not reappear.

Login information is used only to access the Study Application Register. The applicant can change their password via the “Change the Password to Access E-application Register” link at the bottom of the page.

There it is possible to create another study application, both for another program and for another faculty. Each time you create a study application, it generates new user name but the password remains the same for all of the applications. With all of the login information, you get to the same application where you can see your study applications together. In practice, it is sufficient to remember the data from the first study application filed. Please note – each study application has its own variable symbol (variabilní symbol) for payment for the admission procedure.

Applicants for Study – Forgotten Password or Login.