Help Desk

    1. Entering a request
    2. Scope of activities of the Help Desk Section
    3. Contact information

1. Sumbit a request to the Help Desk

2. Scope of Activities of the Help Desk Section


  • ensuring the operation of computer technology at VŠE
  • maintenance and repair of computer equipment
  • decommissioning obsolete and unusable computer technology
  • connecting new and relocating already used computers within the computer network of VŠE
  • installation and reinstallation of standard software
  • ensuring the operation of common peripherals (printers, scanners and other external devices) and eliminating common problems arising from the operation of computer technology
  • virus and malware removal
  • connecting and reviving PCs in the VŠE network and cooperation in introducing newly purchased technology
  • basic diagnostics of damaged media and possible software recovery of data from damaged media
  • consultancy services for computer users
  • co-operation with other sections of the Informatics Centre in solving complex problems and requirements by VŠE employees

3. Contact information


Helpdesk Praha – Žižkov
Help Desk Department
Informatics Centre
Prague University of Economics and Business
W. Churchill Sq. 1938/4
130 67 Praha 3


  • +420 224 09 5890 (password recovery and basic support for VŠE students)
  • +420 224 09 5846 (support for VŠE employees and doctoral students)

e-mail: helpdesk[at]
office: SB 22 and SB 23

Employees and doctoral students of VŠE can also send their requests via the web form.

Helpdesk Praha – Jižní Město
Oddělení provozu výpočetní techniky Jižní Město
Informatics Centre
Prague University of Economics and Business
Ekonomická 957
148 01 Praha 4

phone: +420 224 09 4276 or +420 224 09 4270
e-mail: pvtjm[at]
office: JM 355

See the list of employees of the Computer Technology Operation Section (Jižní Město)

Helpdesk Jindřichův Hradec

Centrum informačních technologií
Fakulta managementu
Prague University of Economics and Business
Jarošovská 1117/II
377 01 Jindřichův Hradec

telephone: +420 384 417 201
e-mail: cit[at]
office: JH 306

see the website of the Computer Centre, Jindřichův Hradec