Mail in InSIS

The mailbox in InSIS is suitable for users with a small volume of mail or for users with mail redirection without saving forwarded messages. Otherwise, move your mailbox to Office 365.

Web Interface (URL) – web with study system.
Username School user name, e.g. abcd01
Password Your primary university password

We prefer access to the mailbox via the web interface. However, you can also use IMAP-enabled mail clients. The user must turn on IMAP support.

Basic Limits/Restrictions

  • 50MB mailbox capacity – after exceeding the capacity, most emails are rejected
  • ~18MB maximum size of one message including attachments (i.e. one message can take over one third of the mailbox capacity).

Mailbox Appearance, Mail Redirection

The following illustration shows the appearance of a mailbox in InSIS if the distribution server is set to Office 365:


Operation is simple and easy to understand. I will highlight only some details:

  • The set redirection is highlighted at the top of the mailbox. The illustration shows an automatic redirection that is created after the mailbox is moved to Office 365.
  • Even if you have a mailbox in Office 365, you can still read your Inbox or send new email messages in InSIS.

Automatic Cancelation of Mail Forwarding in InSIS

InSIS has built-in protection against non-functional forwarding – if the destination external server starts to reject emails (full mailbox, wrong address, …), InSIS cancels the forwarding set and displays a warning to the user when logging in to InSIS. The motive is to reduce the loss of emails.