Accounts and passwords


The assigned username does not change during the whole period of study or employment and is unique within the VŠE.

By default, it has the form: pppjnn, where ppp are the first three characters of the surname, j is a single character of the name, and nn are two or three digits that make the usernames unique even if the first three characters of the surname and the first letter of the name match.

Username must be entered into some systems including domain (realm) “”, i.e. “”. These are systems used by other organizations –  Office 365, eduroam  and  VPN. For a detailed overview, see  Authentication Overview for Applications  (from employees’ perspective).


Mr. Trentin Tester is assigned a user name test99. It will be used to log in to the study system, computer labs and most other school servers/applications. In case of Office 365, mailbox in Office 365 or for log in to eduroam, he will use the login name

School Account Password

Most of the systems at VŠE use the same password for login.

One can manage their school account password through the Integrated Study System (InSIS) under Information System Settings Password Change. The new password will be reflected in other VŠE systems – computers in offices and classrooms, Office 365, Library System, Campus System and more.

The password change page also lists the new password requirements. They are different for different user groups.

Eduroam and VPN Passwords

The eduroam wireless network and VPN use the same password, which must be different from the school account password. One can set the password on The first setting will also activate the account for these services. To set your eduroam/VPN password, you need to know your school account password (InSIS password).