Application Authentication Overview

1. General information [menu]

Information systems on VŠE constitute a complex structure of many mutually more or less integrated applications. Although most applications are unified under single sign on, some are and probably will be requiring (for technical or legal reasons) separate sign on.

2. Authentication into individual applications[menu]

In the included table you can find information regarding how to sing into the most commonly used applications.

  • Application – application into which you wish to log in
  • Username – whether loggin in requires you to specify domain too (i.e. novak or
  • Password – majority of applications is authenticated against password which you use for InSIS. Exceptions include Eduroam and VPN, which are authenticated against radius server.
  • Password change – where it’s possible to change password
  • Forgotten password – where to turn to if you forgot your password for given application
  • Availability – some applications require you to connect through VPN, if you are accessing them from outside of VŠE network (including the Eduroam network)
Application Username Password Password change by Forgotten password Availability
Aleph user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
eduroam (password change) user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
eduroam (connection) radius
“e-žádanka” insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Filesender user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
egje hr portal ( insis 1 helpdesk[at] vpn
helpdesk rt insis 1 helpdesk[at]
iFIS ( user insis 1 helpdesk[at] vpn
iNotes insis 1 helpdesk[at]
InSIS user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Lotus Notes user LN in LN 2 helpdesk[at]
netreg ( user insis 1 helpdesk[at] vpn
Microsoft365 ( insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Onedrive insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Outlook user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Owncloud user insis 1 helpdesk[at] 3 user insis 1 helpdesk[at] (dormitory requests, etc.) user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Vdiman (VMware Horizon View) user insis 1 helpdesk[at] vpn
vpn (connection) radius
vpn (password change) user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
Webdisk user insis 1 helpdesk[at]
WordPress user insis 1 helpdesk[at] vpn


1 log into InSIS, in the menu Information System Settings click on Change password.
2 log into Lotus Notes and then File -> Security -> User security…, enter your current password for verification and click on Change password in the newly opened window.
3 account for the server Sorry is created on the basis of user request, see

3. Password making recommendations [menu]
  • proper password consists of several words, number and special characters
  • password should have no connection to you or the university – personal names, dates or geographical names can be easily guessed
  • avoid overly simple passwords like series (1234, qwertz)
  • substituting characters for letters, such as @ instead of a, or $ instead of s, do not improve passwords strength very much

4. Password handling recommendations[menu]

It is important to remember that if your account gets compromised, the attacker can use it to access protected systems, send spam, etc. By handling your login details responsibly, you not only protect your own account, but also the accounts and data of other users.

  • do not use same passwords for work-related and private purposes
  • do not store passwords in web browsers and other applications
  • never include your passwords in e-mails, phone conversations or texting
  • do not keep your passwords in open form, whether in the form of a paper or in electronic form
  • do not respond to received forms or questionaires which require you to fill in your login details