Registering a Device to the Fixed Network of VŠE

1. General Information

The advantage of a fixed connection (cable connection) is higher reliability, speed and security over wireless networks. In addition, some applications at VŠE do not allow access from wireless networks (including eduroam) and require a fixed connection (or a connection via VPN).

2. How to Register a Device to the Fixed Network of VŠE

Registration of network devices takes place via the web interface at, at an unregistered computer you will always be automatically redirected to this page in your web browser. Registration of print servers, network printers, computers with mass access etc. is done by Help Desk Section.

You need to perform a registration in the following situations:

  • you have a new device that has never been connected to the VŠE network
  • registration for an existing device has expired (registration is automatically canceled if the device does not appear on the network for 4 months)
  • the person to whom the device is registered no longer has an active employment relationship with VŠE
  • the network card has been replaced on your device
  • the device changes the room where it is physically connected (change of owner, temporary switching, etc.)

Registering a Device to the Fixed Network of VŠE

  1. To login, enter your InSIS login details.
  2. If you do not see the room where the computer is physically connected in this menu, contact the System Integrator of Faculty to add the room to your contact profile in InSIS.
  3. If for some reason you cannot or do not wish to perform permanent registration, the computer can be registered temporarily (registration is automatically canceled after 12 hours).
  4. Usually within 15 minutes of sending, the registration is done.
  5. You can check the list of your registered devices in the Active User Registration menu; here you can also terminate the device registration.

3. Connecting a Device to the Fixed Network of VŠE

To connect to the fixed network, your device must have an Ethernet input or support its reduction (typically via USB). At the same time, you must have a valid employment relationship with VŠE (employees, doctoral students, external staff). Each device must be registered to the fixed network, registration is always valid for 180 days and will not be renewed if during this time the device does not communicate on the network, or if the user to whom the device was registered terminated or interrupted the employment relationship with VŠE.

3.1 Connecting the Computer

It is necessary to register the computer to the fixed network first (in case of new and moved PCs, the Help Desk worker usually performs the connection). If you do that yourself, you should be automatically redirected to the registration form at after logging in your Internet browser. Fill out the form, and usually within 15 minutes of sending, you should be connected.

The registration form checks if the room you want to register the device matches the room you have listed in your InSIS profile. You do not have the right to register the device to another room (contact the System Integrator of Faculty to edit or add the room).

3.2 Connecting the Printer

The advantage of connecting the printer to a fixed network is that the printer can be used by all users on the network. The printer must first be registered to the fixed network (this will be provided by a Help Desk worker during the course of connecting). Alternatively, if you consider yourself an advanced user, send the following printer information to the Help Desk:

  • complete printer type designation
  • name of the unit
  • the room where the printer will be physically connected
  • the name of the person responsible in the room
  • MAC address of the printer

Once the printer is registered, the print queue can be created for the printer. Print queues are very flexible; you can create several queues with different parameters for the same printer – e.g. separately for monochrome and color printing, or (if supported by the printer) separately for different types of printing protocols. The Help Desk will inform you about the creation of a print queue for your printer by e-mail, where you will find out its identifier (typically in the format UNIT_ROOM_PRINTER-TYPE). The way how to install the print queue on your machine in order to send print jobs is here.


  • Network printers at VŠE cannot be connected to a network via a wireless network.
  • Print queues cannot be used for network scanning. Network scanning is always handled individually – contact the Help Desk.