VMware Horizon

1. General Information

VMware Horizon allows users to access virtual replicas of operating systems and applications. Users are currently using a replica of the Windows 10 operating system in Czech localization and English localization via VMware Horizon View client.
VMware Horizon View Client can be installed on most operating systems, allowing you to use virtual replicas regardless of the platform you are used to working on. Connection to virtual replicas is possible from all devices within the VŠE network, for access outside the VŠE network it is necessary to be connected via VPN. The quality and speed of your connection is a limiting factor in the case of connections outside the VŠE network.

2. Client Installation

2.1 Network Installation

On computers with standard school installation, the installation can be performed through the Network Installation shortcut found on the desktop. Installing the software through the network installation menu does not require administrator rights.

2.2 Manual Installation

For installation on devices where standard school installation is not implemented, the installation can be done from https://vdiman.vse.cz/ (follow the detailed instructions below). Administrator rights are required for installation.

  1. On the https://vdiman.vse.cz/ page, click Install VMware Horizon Client.
  2. On the newly opened page, click Go to Downloads according to the operating system you are using.
  3. Click Downloads.
  4. Depending on the Internet browser you are using, you will be offered to run the installer directly or save it and then run it from the “Downloads” folder
  5. Click Agree & Install to accept the license terms and start the custom installation.
  6. The installation time depends on the performance of your equipment, usually not longer than 5 minutes.
  7. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  8. You must restart your device before starting the client. Save your work and click Restart now.

3. Login

3.1 Full Client

For the first login, the client will ask you to enter the name of the replica server – in case of VŠE, it is vdiman.vse.cz. The next time you login, you simply enter your InSIS credentials and select the replica you want to run (see types of replica for more).

  1. Start the VMware Horizon Client, double click to select the replica server (the first time the check box is empty – Add Server)
  2. If you are run the client on the device for the first time, enter the replica server name – vdiman.vse.cz.
  3. Enter your InSIS username and password and click Login
  4. In the list, select the replica you want to use. Double click to launch it.
  5. You can close the replica via the menu at the top of the screen via Options-> Disconnect and Log Off.

3.2 Web Access

VMware Horizon can be run directly in your web browser without installation (typically, if you do not have the option to install the full client or if you use the VMware Horizon Client on your device rarely).

  1. In your Internet browser, open the vdiman.vse.cz page and click on VMware Horizon HTML Access.
  2. Enter your InSIS username and password and click Login
  3. In the list, select the replica you want to use. Double click to launch it.
  4. You can close the replica via the menu on the left side of the screen via Log Off

4. Data

When you log in, the server creates an operating system replica that is deleted after you log off. Each time you log in, you are accessing a completely “clean” system.

  • data storage – you can use externally attached storage (flash drives, cloud storage etc.), or network drives G: and H:, data stored elsewhere are irrecoverably deleted after logging off
  • printing – printing is possible only on network printers, which must be installed in the system every time you log on
  • installing additional programs – you cannot install any other programs that are not part of the installation
  • availability – standard client is available to all users
  • localization – the standard client is only available in the Czech and English localization

5. Additional Information Sources

To install VMware Horizon on Linux Ubuntu, continue here.
Official documentation for VMware Horizon (in English).