FAQ – Mail

I received a suspicious email, how do I find out that it is not SPAM/phishing?
Detailed information about fraudulent emails can be found here. If in doubt, contact the Help Desk.

I entered my access data on a fraudulent site, what should I do?
Log in to InSIS immediately, change your password and contact the Help Desk at +420 224 095 890

How do I sign in to a shared mailbox?
For detailed information, including how to work with shared mailboxes, see here.

Can I access my school mailbox via smartphone?
Yes, detailed instructions and configurations for each mobile operating system can be found here.

Outlook does not locate all emails or locates no email.
There may be several reasons – incorrectly specified condition, incorrectly selected folder, query is too general, and index is corrupted. More information and how to resolve it is in the article Outlook Does Not Locate All Emails.

I do not see old emails in Outlook.
This can be caused by automatic deletion after some time or by local cache size. In the article Outlook – Old Emails Lost, there is more detailed information.

When will my mailbox be canceled after termination of my study/employment?