E-mail Address, Mail Servers

  1. School Email Address
  2. Mail Servers
  3. Distribution Server – Where Is my Mailbox?
  4. Contact Email in InSIS

1. School Email Address [menu]

Users are administrated in the InSIS study system. When a user is created, unique username (e.g. abcd01) and an email address in the @vse.cz domain, e.g. abcd01@vse.cz, is assigned to each user.

Employees also have e-mail addresses in the form of firstname.surname@vse.cz

Users from the Faculty of Management have other e-mail addresses with the domain of @fm.vse.cz   i.e.  username@fm.vse.cz and firstname.surname@fm.vse.cz (employees).

The user receives mails routed to all assigned email addresses but can only send from one of them. They can select their preferred mailbox settings in InSIS (the change will also be copied to Office 365). You should write your business card or otherwise publish only your preferred email address.

>> click to see how to change your preferred email address <<
  1. After logging into InSIS in the Personal Management application group, select the Mailbox application.
  2. In the mailbox at the top of the menu bar, choose Settings and then Basic Settings. The first option Sender offers available email addresses in the drop-down list. Only select addresses with vse.cz or fm.vse.cz domains.

Auxiliary email addresses with domains o365.vse.cz or insis.vse.cz are used for mail routing within VŠE. For example, I still have the addresses ivo@insis.vse.cz, ivo@o365.vse.cz, ivo.smejkal@insis.vse.cz and ivo.smejkal@o365.vse.cz. Incoming emails can be sent to these email addresses (with penalties); it is difficult to send emails from them.

In Office 365, changing your preferred email address will take effect within 24 hours.

School systems are not ready to change the user name. In case of e-mail addresses in the form of firstname.surname@vse.cz, it is possible to change them; send requests to postmaster@vse.cz.

2. Mail Servers [menu]

Users can use two mail servers/systems – Office 365 (cloud service from Microsoft, o365.vse.cz) and InSIS (study system, insis.vse.cz).

Incoming emails only go to one of them, see the Distribution Server below.

You can send emails from both mail servers. Even if you receive emails to Office 365, you can send emails from InSIS; the sent emails will be stored in your InSIS mailbox. You can use lists dynamically generated from the study system – students can send messages to all classmates from a seminar, a lecturer can send alerts to all students enrolled in a lecture.

There are other mail servers at VŠE, but these are intended only for sending emails. Emails can be obtained e.g. from the Library System, from the Campus System, etc.

Until August 2018, users from the Faculty of Management used also the mail server mserv.fm.vse.cz

3. Distribution Server – Where Is my Mailbox? [menu]

For an incoming mail server, we use the term of distribution server (a server that will distribute incoming emails to you). You can choose InSIS or Office 365. Here is a brief comparison of both:


  1. Mailbox capacity is 50MB.
  2. Simple web interface, mail redirection can be set, mail clients can use IMAP protocol to access mailbox.
  3. It is designed for users with a small volume of school mail:
    • VŠE short time users – e.g. participants in short-term courses, foreign exchange students or visiting professors.
    • We expect mail redirection – e.g. external members of institutions, students of lifelong learning courses, security staff or external staff.

Office 365

  1. Mailbox capacity is 50GB (1000x larger than InSIS).
  2. Integration with other services (calendar, tasks, teams, OneDrive, SharePoint,…).
  3. Ample options – using rules, auto-replies, etc. Users can use the web interface and various clients – we prefer Outlook on Windows, on macOS and on mobile devices. You can set up mail redirection (several variants).
  4. The following user groups should use the Office 365 mailbox:
    • employees with an employment contract;
    • employees with work contract (no employment) if they prolong it regularly (e.g. lecturers each semester);
    • full-time bachelor, master or doctoral students.
    • users who redirect mail elsewhere and at the same time want to keep it at school

Depending on the classification, users have one of these servers preset. You can change the distribution server in InSIS – in the application of University Mail Delivery.

>> click to view the distribution server change instructions <<
  1. After logging in to InSIS, select the University Mail Delivery application in the Technology and its Administration applications group:
  2. You will see the following menu where you can change the distribution server:
    The distribution server change will take effect within an hour. Verify the change with an email sent to your school address.
  3. If you redirect mail elsewhere, check/set up redirection on the new distribution server after changing the distribution server
  4. Mailbox Migration. You can also copy InSIS mailbox contents to your Office 365 mailbox. You specify a migration request in the Mailbox application.
    Migration usually takes several hours. In Office 365, you will then find emails sent/received in InSIS – sometimes separate folders are created for them. You can move messages to other folders.
  5. The contents of the mailbox on the previous distribution server are not deleted. It is advisable to delete unnecessary emails on it.

 4. Contact E-mail in InSIS [menu]

The contact e-mail is displayed when searching the user in InSIS and in some other search listings. For employees it is usually a school address, other users usually have a private e-mail set (for students it is taken from the application form).

Contact e-mail is set up in InSIS in the User Settings application. Here on Personal Pages, go to My Personal Information and at the end you will find the option to set up contact email addresses.