FAQ – Other

Do I need to plug in/unplug/move computer technology; whom can I contact?
Contact the Help Desk; in case of a greater deal of technology, please ask in advance.

How do I get a new computer technology?
Purchase of computer equipment is realized by e-žádanka (where you can find the current offer of recommended devices after login). If you do not know what to choose, please contact our Help Desk for advice.

Is it possible to purchase computer equipment to be discarded from the Informatics Centre?
In theory, yes, however, the technology to be discarded is, in most cases, already very outdated, unrepairable or possibly cannibalized for spare parts, and thus the offer of the available technology virtually equals zero.

I need to borrow computer technology; can I contact the Informatics Centre?
To borrow audio-visual equipment for lectures, contact Audio-visual Section (only in Czech). In case of emergency, if you need to temporarily rent a replacement PC to the office, contact the Help Desk.

What if I lost/left something in the classroom/hallway of the VŠE campus?
The answer can be found here: https://www.vse.cz/predpisy/342/