The Informatics Centre is a university-wide workplace providing the following services:

Classroom Technical Support

[Guarantor: Jakub Vorel, MBA]

(activities provided by the AVO department until 30.6.2022)

  • ensuring the operation of AV/IT technology in computer and non-computer classrooms
  • support of AV/IT users in Prague University of Economics and Business classrooms
  • advisory, consulting and technical assistance to faculties and departments of the Prague University of Economics and Business in the field of choosing a suitable AV technology solution for offices, meeting rooms and other spaces
  • assistance during the entire life cycle of audiovisual equipment (help and advice in the selection, ensuring professional installation and commissioning of new equipment, handling complaints and ensuring or mediating post-warranty repairs, loan of spare equipment, decommissioning and disposal of equipment)
  • creation of informational materials, instructions and procedures regarding the operation and use of audiovisual equipment

User Support

[Guarantor: Jakub Vorel, MBA]

  • user support (employees, students, external users)
  • advisory, consulting and technical assistance
  • assistance in solving user problems (issues concerning school installation of Windows, problems with logging into the network, data recovery from damaged data carriers, etc.)
  • assistance during the whole life cycle of computer technology (assistance and advice on selection, professional installation and commissioning of new technology, integration of new technology into infrastructure of VŠE, handling complaints and provision or mediation of post-warranty repairs, rental of replacement equipment, decommissioning and disposal of equipment)
  • creation of information materials, manuals and procedures concerning the operation and use of computer technology and computer network at VŠE on the CI website
  • provision of paid copying and printing for students

Support and Development of the Integrated Study Information System

[Guarantor: Ing. Luboš Pavlíček, e-mail:]

  • operation and coordination of further development of InSIS
  • support for service administrators using the study system or its data (canteen system, campus system, authentication services, etc.)
  • delivery of documents for decision-making or marketing purposes of the school in the form of extracts of data from the InSIS database

LMS Support and Development

[Guarantor: Jakub Vorel, MBA]

  • technical support for LMS users
  • coordination of change management for the continuous development of the LMS
  • technical solutions for minor modifications of the LMS system
  • creation of information materials, manuals and procedures concerning the operation and use of the LMS

Data analytics and reporting support

[guarantor: Ing. Karel Šimeček, Ph.D.]

  • ensuring a unified Business Intelligence environment for analysis and reporting
  • implementation of extended analytics for cyber security monitoring data
  • ensuring data management methods and procedures for access control, effective data protection
  • security of data processing
  • providing methods and procedures for managing, protecting and sharing knowledge


[Guarantor: Tomáš Skřivan]

  • providing the operation of the data network of VŠE in Prague, including the possibility of connection to this network via wireless network (eduroam,,, conference), as well as a fixed metallic network (workstation connection) and optical network
  • providing the telecommunication services of the Prague University of Economics and Business
  • securing the access to the VŠE network through VPN

Administration of Identification Cards

[Guarantor: Jakub Vorel, MBA]

  • issuing and personalization of chip/smart identification cards (ID cards) to all students, employees and external users in Prague
  • production and distribution of ID cards for issue in Jindřichův Hradec
  • ensuring the operation of electronic wallets using ID cards for printing and copying services

System of Electronic Inputs

[Guarantor: Martin Charvát]

  • connection of electronically controlled inputs within VŠE and its connection to InSIS
  • linking inputs to InSIS
  • management of electronically controlled inputs

Process of Purchasing ICT Resources, IT Services, Materials and Software

[Guarantor: Ing. Dana Václavíková]

  • conducting tenders for the relevant commodities and monitoring the drawing of the financial limit
  • ordering goods based on user requirements, takeover of goods and delivery to users
  • keeping records of IT/ICT resources and software

E-mail, Teamwork Support (o365) and Study Support

[Guarantor: RNDr. Dana Čermáková]

  • administration of email addresses and mailboxes
  • mail delivery services
  • protection against unwanted letters (SPAM, malware)
  • installation and configuration of Outlook on school computers
  • e-mail consultations for users
  • administration of the Office 365 platform, including support for work organization, additional user communications, and teamwork
  • managing shared folders on the file server for lectures
  • creation and administration of virtual workstations for lectures, package processing and application installation
  • management of prints and other printing services
  • providing data recovery for users

Informations security and data protection

[Guarantor: Ing. Karel Šimeček, Ph.D.]

  • information security management system
  • commissioning security and data audits in information systems of VŠE
  • registration, classification and resolution of events and incidents in the field of personal data protection and information security
  • proactive problem management (analysis of event records to identify trends and security issues)
  • operation of the register of personal data processing activities at VŠE

Authentication Services

[Guarantor: Ing. Luboš Pavlíček]

  • creating users, assigning user names, setting passwords
  • operation of directory and authentication services
  • single sign-on system

Operation and Administration of Server Infrastructure Services

[Guarantor: Tomáš Skřivan]

  • operation of information systems and other education support services (operation of virtualization infrastructure, support of operation of individual virtual systems)
  • operation and administration of the server for school websites
  • administration of certificates
  • second-level domain administration based on user requirements (setup, prolongation, payment)

The computer network operation in Jindřichův Hradec is provided by the Information Technology Centre of the Faculty of Management of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

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