Print to PDF

1. Overview

PDF24 is software for converting documents into pdf format. To a limited extent, it can also edit an existing pdf (e.g. add/remove or extract individual pages). PDF24 is not intended for editing the content of pdf documents. The format conversion can be done directly in the program or simply sent the document to a virtual printer that the program creates during installation on your computer. Any form of content that is “printable” is sufficient enough to be send to the printer PDF24 PDF, by which it converts that content into a pdf file.

2. Installation

On devices in the VŠE network, the installation can be performed silently via network installations. In other cases, it is possible by downloading the installer from the manufacturer’s website. PDF24 is already pre-installed in computer labs managed by the Informatics Centre.

2.1 Network Installation

On standard school installation computers, the installation can be performed through the Network Installation shortcut found on the desktop. Installing the software through the network installation menu does not require administrator rights.

2.2 Manual Installation

For installations on devices where standard school installation is not implemented, the installation can be performed from the PDF24 page. After you download the PDF24 Creator installation file, double-click the file to begin the installation. Follow the installation instructions to complete the installation of PDF Creator. When you want to print a document, select a printer from the PDF24 menu, print it, and PDF Creator creates a PDF file from it. Administrator rights are required for installation.

3. Web Tools for Working with PDF

The online version of PDF24 can also be used to convert documents and other adjustments related to pdf. The advantage is that you work with files completely in the cloud through a web browser. However, this is also a major drawback, since all document data is uploaded to the PDF24 manufacturer’s servers for editing – so do not use the web interface if your document contains personal information or other sensitive data. For web tools, continue here.

4. Additional Information Sources

  • FAQs and more information about PDF24 can be found here