SPAM and Fraudulent Emails

What is spam and how it is detected at school

What Options Users Have

  • Office 365 and Junk Mail – What Office 365 Mail users should know about Junk Mail.
  • InSIS and Junk Mail – What users should know about InSIS mailbox processing of Junk Mail.
  • I found a good email among the spam. What to do about this? – In Office 365 there is a simple solution: make the sender a safe recipient. There are other options.
  • I received an unsolicited message in my inbox. What to do about this? – You can report the Czech spam to the Office for Personal Data Protection You can mark a message as spam to improve spam detection. In Office 365, you can include a sender on the blocked sender list.


  • Analysis of – by analysis of emails marked as spam by users, we can find out what users consider to be spam and how it coincides with the definition of spam.
  • Analysis of Spam Detection in December 2014 – analysis of individual methods of spam detection in one day in December 2014.

More Articles Related to Junk Mail

  • How to Forward an Email with Full Headers? – sometimes we need to get problematic message including complete headers to solve problems with electronic mail. The page also includes a description of how to display the full headers of an email message.
  • Mass Mailing – what the mass mailing options are at VŠE. Do not send spam or annoying emails with these tools.
  • Inbox Processing Using User Rules – the Inbox Rules lets you automatically place selected emails in appropriate folders or block messages from specific senders.
  • Focused Inbox and Clutterboth to help you handle mail – separate important emails from those that can be processed later. Users can affect the resolution accuracy of the two groups, or disable this feature.
  • Policies – automatic deletion of emails after a certain time since August 2015, all Office 365 users have their Junk Mail folder set to be deleted after 30 days of receipt. Deleting after a certain time can also be set for user folders. InSIS deletes spam after 7 days.