Operation and use of information technology and computer network of the Prague University of Economics and Business (PR 1/2007)

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This Rector’s Order sets the rules for the operation and use of the computer technology and computer network of the VŠE.

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Name:  Ing. Eva Šestáková Cirkvová Leader: RNDr. Karel Nenadál Leader: prof. Ing. Richard Hindls
Unit / function: Head of Unix Systems Administration   Director   Computer Center Rector
Signed by (in his/her own hand): Ing. Eva Šestáková Cirkvová, v.r. RNDr. Karel Nenadál, v.r. prof. Ing. Richard Hindls, CSc., v.r.
Valid from:   2.3.2007 Valid until: abrogation
Effective from: 1.1.2008 Effective until: abrogation


1. Basic provisions – definition, scope of the Regulation

The computer network of the Prague University of Economics and Business (hereinafter referred to as PS) is a set of communication technologies that enable electronic information technology devices connected to this network to exchange information electronically. It consists of active network elements and transmission media owned or used by the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Computer equipment of the Prague University of Economics and Business (hereinafter referred to as “PVT”) means a set of electronic information technologies, in particular computers, data storage, software and other technical means owned by the Prague University of Economics and Business or connected and used in PS.

The scope of this Regulation shall cover the construction, operation, management, maintenance and development of PVT and TS, their usage and the offering of services available through such technologies.

2. The purpose of PS and PVT

The Prague University of Economics and Business owns, manages and develops its computer network and IT resources in order to provide and support teaching, support the activities of school departments, support the work of staff and students in fulfilling their study duties to the extent of technical and organizational possibilities.

Other use of the WG and PVT may be authorized by the Rector of the Prague University of Economics and Business, the person authorized by him, the Deans of the Faculties, the directors of the university workplaces, based on a written agreement. Commercial use of PS and PVT is possible only on the basis of a written contractual relationship after prior discussion with the PS and PVT MANAGER.

3. Authorized PS and PVT users

PS and PVT can be used only by authorized users (hereinafter also users).

Authorized Users means:

  • students of the Prague University of Economics and Business to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of study and other obligations arising from their studies at the Prague University of Economics and Business,
  • employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business to the extent necessary to fulfill pedagogical, scientific and other work duties resulting from their work at the Prague University of Economics and Business,
  • other persons who have been granted permission to use PS and PVT on the basis of a contractual agreement (usually in the form of a username).
4. PS and PVT management

Administration of PVT and PS means care of technical components, operating system and software. This includes installation, testing, monitoring and keeping these resources running.

PS and PVT are entrusted with administration of the Computer Center of the VSE and the Computer Center of FM in Jindřichův Hradec (hereinafter referred to as ADMINISTRATOR).


  • is responsible for the tactical and operative implementation of the VSE Long-term Plan in the area of information systems and computer networks by an appropriate combination of technical and organizational means,
  • provides solutions and expertise on strategic issues;
  • ensures overall functionality and maintains PS and PVT, supervises their proper usage and takes measures against their misuse,
  • provides users with defined general services, ensures their functionality.


The ADMINISTRATOR is authorized to implement the measures and procedures laid down in this Regulation. Within this authorization, the ADMINISTRATOR may issue implementing regulations. These sub-regulations include in particular:

  • rules for the usage of computer classrooms and study rooms,
  • rules for the usage and handling of e-mail,
  • rules for the usage of the computer network in the dormitories,
  • procedure for reporting violations of PS and PVT usage rules and for addressing them,
  • and more.

Administration of special or local services within individual departments of the Prague University of Economics and Business may be entrusted by the ADMINISTRATOR to these departments or individual employees of these departments under the conditions stipulated by the ADMINISTRATOR.

The workstation to which the IT is assigned is responsible to the appropriate extent for the management of stand-alone computers and other IT resources.

Under the terms and conditions set by the ADMINISTRATOR, users can connect technology to the PS that is not owned by the Prague University of Economics and Business. Such a user is responsible for the administration and activity of this technique. The moment that such a technique is connected to the TS, it becomes part of the TS and is subject to all rules on the use of PVT.

All those entrusted with the management of a PVT device or a part of the TS shall be bound by the applicable regulations and guidelines, cooperate with the Administrator and comply with the arrangements regarding the operability and functionality of the PVT and the TS.

The departments of the Prague University of Economics and Business, which have been entrusted with the administration of PS and PVT by the ADMINISTRATOR, are also entitled to issue rules for the use of the entrusted PS and PVT.

5. Monitoring of operations

The operation of TS services and usage of PVT are monitored and recorded by the ADMINER especially for the purpose of:

  • optimization of PS and PVT use,
  • identification and prevention of emergency situations in PS and PVT,
  • prevention of unauthorized access and misuse of PS and PVT.

Each user is obliged to respect this fact. If the monitoring reveals evidence of unauthorized activity, the record will be provided as a basis for action against violations.

All such records are confidential and their handling is subject to the general rules of confidentiality.

6. Rights and obligations of users
  • The user is obliged to comply with the international conventions by which the Czech Republic is bound, the applicable legal standards of the Czech Republic and the binding internal regulations of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Similarly, it is obliged to observe the rules for the use of computer networks whose services it uses (eg CESNET and PASNET academic networks).
  • The user is obliged to use PVT and PS in accordance with the purpose for which they were intended, by his activity must not endanger the reliability of operation and safety of PS or PVT.
  • The user has the right to use the PS and PVT as part of his access rights and is obliged to protect his access rights (password, encryption key, etc.). Giving access rights to another person is a serious violation of the rules.
  • If the user has obtained access rights by accident (unintentionally, due to a hardware or software error), he / she is obliged to report this fact immediately to the appropriate ADMINISTRATOR.
  • The user is obliged to ensure that his activities do not endanger the work of other users and do not overload network resources.
  • The user is obliged to follow the basic rules of thoughtfulness and decency towards other users and system administrators.
  • Installation and operation of servers (or server applications) is possible only with ADMINISTRATOR´s permission. Server means a device offering services outside the TS, as well as a device that offers selected services to the TS and devices running a service to which more than 3 users are authorized.
  • The users are responsible for their data – both in terms of their content, storage and appropriate backup.
  • The user is liable for damage caused by him, whether intentionally or through negligence
  • A user who notices a violation of the rules concerning the usage of PS and PVT or a breach of the security of the PS or PVT is obliged to report it to the administrator immediately.
7. Services provided
  • Access rights to the PS and to individual services are assigned by the respective ADMINISTRATOR. It is not
    permissible to acquire access rights in any other way.
  • The priorities for the provision of services by the ADMINISTRATOR are set in the following order:
    1. Functionality of PS and key components of information systems of Prague University of Economics and Business.
    2. Provision and support of teaching at the Prague University of Economics and Business.
    3. Ensuring and supporting the work of employees.
    4. Provision and support of student´s work.
    5. Other activities.
8. Measures against violations of the rules of use of PS and PVT

ADMINISTRATOR may take technical measures to limit the availability of certain services in order to ensure the security and reliability of those services or the computer network.

The severity of the violation is determined by the extent of the consequences (damage) and whether the rule was committed intentionally or repeatedly.

ADMINISTRATOR’S MEASURES concerning the violation of the PS and PVT rules of usage by the user

ADMINISTRATOR has the right to temporarily limit the use of computer technology or to cancel user rights for the necessary time for technical, security, force majeure reasons (natural disaster). In particular, the purpose of this measure is to prevent imminent damage, to reduce the consequences of improper activity, to identify the source of problems or to prevent further inappropriate activities until the problem is permanently resolved.

The consequences of serious user violations are further addressed by:

  • for the employees of the University of Economics, the head of the relevant department within the possibilities given by the labor law regulations,
  • for students, Disciplinary Rules for Students of the Prague University of Economics and Business, eventually Disciplinary Rules of the Faculty.

In case of suspicion of violation of the laws of the Czech Republic by the ADMINISTRATOR, the General Manager proceeds according to generally valid regulations.

ADMINISTRATOR is obliged to document serious violations found.

In any of these cases, if the student or employee has been restricted or terminated due to violation of the rules of use of PS and PVT, neither the ADMINISTRATOR nor the Prague University of Economics and Business is responsible for the impossibility of performing study or work tasks and the resulting consequences.

9. Final provisions:

The Rector’s Order No. 7/95 of 5 June 1995 is hereby canceled

Amendment number Pages where the changes of regulation were mad Addendum title Approved date:
1. Change in the registration number of the regulation – original number Rector’s Order 1/2007 is changed to PR 01/07 1. 1. 2008

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