Auto Backup

What backs up automatically in my school network and what do I need to back up by myself?

Drives G: and H:

Automatic backup applies primarily to the contents of network drives H: (home, home drive) and G: (group, group drive, i.e. a drive common to one department or another workplace).

This backup is designed primarily for a system crash. For their own needs, users back up their data by themselves.

Maximum backup time: 6 months.

Project Network Drives G (available for certain courses only):

Maximum backup time:

  • folder of MATERIALS: no time limit
  • folder of WORK and ULOZTO: 6 months

Files from these drives can be restored during the specified backup time, but older versions are not retained, so if the file has been modified, it cannot be reverted to its original content.

If you need to restore a file from a backup, contact the Help Desk.

Local drives

Users back up local drives individually.


If you are working outside of Active Directory on other servers, check with a specific server administrator for how to back up your data.