Local Administrator

System of Rights and Local Administrator

Common User (default) – no possibility to install/add own software or make major changes to the system. The user has the option to install “optional software” in the form of self-installation packs prepared by the Informatics Centre (accessed through the Network Installation shortcut, which can be found on the desktop).

Local Administrator – in justified cases (typically for advanced users whose workload requires frequent and essential interventions in the installation of the system), a local administrator can be set for the user on a particular workstation. This step gives the user almost full control over the entire system. At the same time, however, they de facto become the administrator of the computer, thereby waiving the right to technical support from the Help Desk Section.

I am an advanced user, how do I get the rights of the Local Administrator on my computer?

The head of the relevant organizational unit under which you fall must send in writing or by e-mail an application for assignment of administrative rights to Jakub Vorel, MBA (link to InSIS).

My request for administrator rights has been approved. What to do next?

Contact the Help Desk Department to set up the authorization for the particular station.

The computer on which I have administrator rights is disabled/infected by virus. Can I contact the Help Desk?

You can, but all we can do for you is to completely reinstall the entire system. In the event of a repeated malfunction of the system, then it is appropriate to ask the question how “advanced” user you really are.

Notes: Your Local Administrator will always be set up on your laptop and you will not lose support from the Help Desk Section. Employees of the Faculty of International Relations must apply to doc. Tomáš Kubálek (link to InSIS).