Rules for using (PR 4/2019)

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This regulation lays down rules for the operation of websites on

Processor: Reviewed by: Approved by:
Name Ing. Eva Šestáková Cirkvová Leader: Ing. Milan Nidl, MBA Leader: prof. Ing. Hana Machkova, CSc.
Department / function: Department of Network Administration and Network Services Head of Computer Center Director of the Rector
Date: 3. 4. 2019 3. 4. 2019 3. 4. 2019
Signed by: Ing. Eva Šestáková Cirkvová Ing. Milan Nidl, MBA prof. Ing. Hana Machkova, CSc.,
Valid from: 8 April 2019 Valid until: appeal
Effective from: 8 April 2019
  1. On the server, the departments operate websites for third and fourth order domains (hereinafter referred to as domains) and personal pages of employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business.
  2. All domains are owned by the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE).
  3. The name of the requested domain must not be contrary to good morals and it must not be the name of another organizational unit of the VŠE, the post of VŠE, etc. (e.g. ciks or rector). The name of the requested domain must respect the technical possibilities, it is not possible to create domains that are identical with the username of employees ( Neither external domains nor commercial websites can be hosted on VŠE servers.
  4. The domain on the server is assigned for a definite period of time on the basis of a completed electronic registration form, which the applicant prints and, after approval, delivers to the Computer Center, User Support Center (Helpdesk, SB 22). By completing the electronic registration form located at, the domain is only reserved. The application is approved by either the Rector, the Vice-Rector, the Bursar, the Dean or the Head of the University Department (hereinafter referred to as the Domain Holder), who will also decide and mark on the form whether it will be the official website of the University. If the signed registration form is not delivered within 21 working days of electronic registration, the registration will be revoked and the domain will be available again for further registration.
  5. The personal page is set up for a person in an employment relationship with the University of Economics on the basis of a completed electronic form. The name of the personal page is in the form, where is generated from the applicant’s email address. If the user has more than one such address, he / she can choose from the electronic form menu. The applicant is informed by e-mail about the establishment of the personal page. The applicant then becomes the administrator of his personal page. There is no need to provide a paper form to set up a personal page. After termination of the labor-law relationship between the administrator of the personal page and the University of Economics, the Information Center is entitled to suspend or terminate the operation of the relevant personal page.
  6. After the domain / personal site is established, the applicant becomes the administrator of the employee’s domain / personal site. The administrator must have a valid InSIS account. It is not possible to run domains / personal sites without an administrator. In the absence of an employment relationship between the administrator and the VŠE, the IT Center is entitled to suspend the operation of the website until a new administrator is appointed.
  7. The change of domain administrator is made by the IT Center at the request of the domain holder. If a new and old administrator is available, the change can be made electronically via the registration form. Every change of domain administrator must be notified to the IT Center.
  8. The official website of the Prague University of Economics and Business and the personal pages are operated in a unified environment respecting the visual identity of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Webmasters are not authorized to interfere with the provided software solution and change its functionality. The Center for Information and Library Services (CIKS) is in charge of the management of the environment for the official website of the University of Economics and the personal pages of employees.
  9. Operation of the server and is subject to internal regulations, in case of their violation the respective page or pages may be inaccessible.
  10. It is forbidden to misuse the services provided by this server, attempt to break the system security or otherwise interfere with the operation.
  11. The relevant administrator is responsible for the content of the website and for possible misuse of access. Should any damage be caused to the VŠE by the action of the domain administrator, he / she is obliged to pay it in full. It is prohibited to use discussion forums that allow anonymous posting, or content management systems where anonymous commentary on the article can be made. f this is not the official website of the University of Economics, the relevant administrator is obliged to state this fact in a sufficiently visible manner at least on the introductory page by inserting the text: The information published here is not an official statement / opinion of the Prague University of Economics and Business“.
  12. If any site generates excessive traffic, overloads the server, endangers server security, reports errors, etc., the server operator is entitled to take technical measures to remedy or avert the imminent danger, including making the pages unavailable. In such cases, the server operator informs the administrator of the site by mail and may require elimination of the causes of the malfunction. Similar measures, including making the site unavailable, may be performed by the server operator if the domain administrator does not respond to the calls referred to in the previous sentence. The site operator may also make the site inaccessible in the case of their defective content and after the domain expires.
  13. The application software described in the “Help” section, which also lists recommended programs, is used to manage the files in the web application.
  14. When you create a domain, a user account for file transfer over sftp and database access data is created and passed to the administrator. These accounts are the responsibility of the appropriate administrator. An interactive shell is not available to administrators.
  15. Due to the nature of the server, it is not possible to adapt the configuration according to individual requirements. It is not possible to receive mail on the server. If usernames and passwords are passed to the server when communicating with the server, the server administrator is obliged to ensure this in a secure way (e.g. using SSL / TLS encryption).
  16. The public network traffic of the server is available under https. Using this protocol is mandatory for security reasons, requests sent using http are automatically redirected to https.
  17. The server operator reserves the right to upgrade the software, in which case it publishes information on the relevant page in the sections Technical Information and Outages and Downtime.
  18. Backing up the data is done by the domain / personal site manager at his / her disposal.

This regulation cancels the Rector’s order PR 04/2010 of 1. 4. 2010

Responsible person: Ing. Eva Šestáková Cirkvová Last updated: Apr. 8 2019