POP3 shutdown on April 30, 2020

On April 30, we will turn off the POP3 protocol on both insis.vse.cz and Office 365. The reasons are security (many attempts to guess/verify passwords) and low use of this protocol (lower dozens of users).

POP3 users in Office 365 can instead choose from the following substitution options:

  • reading Office 365 mail through the web interface,
  • reading mail through a mail client with Modern Authentication support, Outlook is recommended (for Windows, MacOS, or mobile operating systems),
  • using an IMAP-enabled client, here I wish to emphasize that Microsoft is planning to limit the authentication method to oauth2, which most mail clients do not support,
  • forwarding mail to another mail server.

POP3 users on InSIS.vse.cz have the following options instead:

  • reading InSIS mail through the web interface,
  • moving mailbox from InSIS to Office 365 and read the mail via web interface or mail client here (Outlook recommended),
  • forwarding mail to another mail server,
  • you may want to consider using IMAP protocol on InSIS, but I wish to stress that disabling IMAP may also happen.

Canceling services is always painful. I hope you will find a suitable alternative to POP3.

  • Author: Luboš Pavlíček
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