Warning of a potential cyber attack

Dear colleagues,

according to the officially published report of the National Office for Cyber and Information Security (NÚKIB), we would like to ask users to pay close attention to the following:
– opening unknown email attachments
– opening unknown websites from email web links
– filling in login information on websites from email web links

If you are not sure about the authenticity of the emails you have received, please contact the Help Desk dept. at helpdesk@vse.cz. If you have opened already some suspicious email attachment, visited a suspicious website or filled in your login information on suspicious website, please change your InSIS password immediately.

A list of already known fraudulent emails can be viewed at https://ci.vse.cz/elektronicka-posta/gotphish/phishing-pripady/

Full NÚKIB report is available at https://www.nukib.cz/cs/informacni-servis/aktuality/1425-hrozba-kybernetickych-utoku-na-nemocnice-a-jine-vyznamne-cile-cr/

Thank you for your cooperation,
Ing. Milan Nidl, MBA
Informatics Centre Director