Software Categories

Software Category A:

Basic software on computers and application servers for general use, the functionality of which is guaranteed by the Local Network Administration and Help Desk (employment disk image installed by this section). This includes, for example, the proper functionality of MS Windows OS on employees’ and classroom computers, the correct functionality of MS OFFICE and applications such as Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, Total Commander, and others.

The current list of software distributed on employees’ computers is available here.

Software Category B:

Specialized software for the purpose of teaching installed in the student computer disk image or on a network server. Its functionality is not guaranteed by the Local Network Administration. The software is installed by the Local Network Administrator in the presence of the guarantor of  the software, provided the license agreement is met.

Software Category C:

Specialized software for personal or other group use. The software of this category is installed by the user itself – e.g. on their computer or project server. Its functionality is again not guaranteed by the Local Network Administration or the Help Desk.