InSIS and Spam

1. Spam and Mailboxes in InSIS

Emails are analyzed and marked as spam on a central mail server. ***** SPAM! ***** is added to the subject of spam messages, and the header “X-Spam-Flag: YES”  is added to the message. E-mails marked in this way are automatically included in the Spam folder in InSIS.

When reading incoming mail, you can mark unsolicited messages as spam. The message is moved to the Spam folder and forwarded to the central mail server at the same time. There, based on your report, the success of spam detection using Bayesian filtering increases. You help yourself and others.

Please report/mark only spam. No conference invitations, social news, or business communications with functioning possibility to unsubscribe.

Email messages in the Spam folder are automatically deleted after 7 days of delivery.

Users do not have lists of safe and blocked senders; they cannot create their own rules for filtering incoming emails and marking them as spam.

Users do not have an easy way to report a message incorrectly classified as spam.

2. Forwarding/Redirection and SPAM

If you redirect mail elsewhere (e.g. to, all emails are forwarded/redirected with the exception of spam.

You can change this behavior, i.e. also forward spam if you uncheck the Do Not Forward Spam option in Mail Settings -> Basic Settings.