Conversion to electronic format

If you want to convert a document from paper to electronic format (e.g. a School-leaving Certificate for the purposes of the admission procedure) it is possible to do so at the contact points of the public administration offering the Czech POINT service. These places include branch offices of the Czech Post, regional and some municipal authorities. The conversion can also be done by a notary or a lawyer.

When doing this process in the Czech Republic, at the contact point of your choice you request an authorized conversion of the document in its entirety. The contact point with Czech POINT service transfers the file to online so-called Repository where you can download it. It is also possible to request to upload a document to a USB drive (your own) or to send it to your own data box.

When saving to the Repository, a so-called Confirmation of handing over the output of the performed conversion will be printed out for you at the contact point. This document contains information which you will need for download of the desired document from the Repository’s web address. The document is available to download for 7 days.

After this procedure you can download the PDF file with the converted document from Repository. The last page of the document includes the Conversion clause in the data message of the document.

Only the document converted in this way will be accepted by the study department as a proof of completion of the previous study in an electronic application at the Prague University of Economics and Business. Please, insert the downloaded PDF file into the application, not the link to the Repository.

The conversion can also be done in another country. For the case of Slovakia through the Slovak Post and public administration. The output of the conversion is an .asice file, which is the official format (consisting of a PDF and an xml file). The document, again, must be attached to the application form, in the official .asice format.
There is also possibility to use the services of Czech POINT at the embassies of the Czech Republic.