Conversion to paper format

If you want to convert a document from electronic to paper format it is possible to do so at the contact points of the public administration offering the Czech POINT service. These places include branch offices of the Czech Post, regional and some municipal authorities. The conversion can also be done by a notary or a lawyer.

When doing this process in the Czech Republic, you bring the desired electronic document with a valid qualified electronic signature or mark in PDF format on your own USB drive to the contact point of your choice. You can also use the service of the electronic Repository of Czech POINT, where you upload the document and bring the Confirmation of inserting the document into the Repository to the Czech POINT branch office.

At the end of this procedure, you receive a paper document which is sealed with a sticker and the stamp of the institution.

An example of the use of this conversion is the conversion of the electronic Study confirmation form with seal into paper format without having to visit the study department.